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Valentini puffer and LPS corals compatibility?

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I know that puffers aren't reef safe but the more research I do the more I start to learn that more people have success keeping Valentini puffers with corals. What do you guys think? I specifically want LPS corals (hammers or bubbles) but not sure if they will do well with a puffer. If any, what corals would be the best off with a Valentini puffer. Thanks! 

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It depends on the individual.  You'll have the best luck when well fed.  Some will say that they are more likely to go after stony corals (LPS included), but can even take to soft coral and anemones. However, others report no serious problems with corals. You'll need something to wear their teeth down (like snails).  They are most likely to eat your snails and shrimp.  Also, make sure to include some algae into their diet.

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