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Thanks Dave!

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Just wanted to say thanks to Dave for the super fast shipping!  The black housing, purple lid, purple braided cord, and black out kit on this Tide Plus M looks awesome!  I didn't realize the braided cord would come in purple too!


Not everything is in the tank is happy yet, but everything seems to be opening.


Also, trying to place the light in the middle was a little interesting with the xaqua in/out overflow so close to the top, but it worked out.  :) 


I just wanted to give you some mad props on it!


I went with this as the lighting schedule as you recommended it in a thread:


Light Settings : 

Morning - 60% - Royal Blue, Violet, Blue/Cyan         0% - Mint          0% - White ( 60 Minute Ramp, 120 Length )

Midday  - 80% - Royal Blue, Violet, Blue/Cyan         30% - Mint        0% - White ( 60 Minute Ramp )

Evening  - 80% - Royal Blue, Violet, Blue/Cyan         0% - Mint          0% - White ( 60 Minute Ramp, 120 Length )

Night  - 0% all channels

Overall Length - Nine Hours



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Thanks :D


It's a 7 gallon Cad Lights Zen with a 5 gallon Cad Light Zen for the sump.  I should have started a build thread as I just transferred this all from a IM10.  I know it wasn't a big upgrade going to these tanks, but I wanted to finally have a sump again.


I tried the Kessil A80 for a good year and thought it was just a little under powered...I know there's not much light demand in the tank now (shrooms, blastos, GSP, Favias, and Zoa/Paly), but I've heard super wonderful things about Dave and Nanobox!

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Great looking setup!  What do you have against white light?? :)

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Haha I have nothing against white light; I just remember reading on his thread that he never used white :)

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