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The Fools Reef ... Back to a vase!

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Pic 1: acans on a magnet! 

Pic 2: these zoas came back eith a nice bang! They were vlosed forever in the 2 gal and noe finally opened up and reproduced well.


Pic 3 4 5 6 : growthrate of the jf captain jerk palys!! Insaneeeeeee i love them! 

Pic 3: current

Pic 4: exactly one month ago

Pic 5: exactly one month ago

Pic 6: current







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My pom pom is a lady! Look at those eggs! 


Paly literally eating a zoas (sunny d) face...


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Hey all sorry for lack of updates.

Soooooo i almost crashed my bowl this happened the day after I brought the wrasse back to the lfs heres the pic of the last day of the wrasse in the tank


the reason for the crash was me rescuing a cocoworm without a tube that then released toxins and alone all while rotting in the bowl. Pic below. Then I proceeded to do 1 w.c per day (100%) and remove the worm. And after two days the tank was back to 100%. After all that my pom pom crab released her fry into the water and my purple feather worm spawned in the tank! 





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11 hours ago, NuisanceAlgaeCultivator said:

Nice to see it bounced back so quickly, I’d have probably thrown in the towel and picked up a chia pet lol.

Hahaha yeah it was impressive! 

I picked up some new coral yesterday 

Some more palys, a gorgonian and a pipe organ!





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