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Fultime 5 Stage R/o Filter


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why would you want it to run 24/7?


Do you mean you want it connected to your tank, cycling your tank water 24/7??? If so, the answer is no.


Here are a few problems with it...


wastewater: there is about a 3:1 wastewater ratio for an RO/DI filter. That means for every gallon of water you get, you throw away 3 gallons.


desalinization: It takes something like 1500psi to push saltwater through an RO membrane. You can't get that kind of pressure, and if you could, it would cause your pipes and your RO/DI filter to explode.


DEsalinization: The end result would be producing FRESHwater... obviously this wouldn't work... even if you got past all the other hurdles.


RO/DI filters are only for taking tapwater and producing pure freshwater. You don't connect them to your tank. It is possible to connect them to a large water container so you always have pure water on demand. It is also possible to attach them to auto top off systems so it is used to top off your tank. You never filter your tank water with them.

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