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so I got my 20gal (standard petco)long tank coming together. Still waiting for it to finish the cycle. I decided for lighting I would go with aqua illumination hydra 26 hd. And I must say I am thoroughly impressed. I have it on the 18" flexible arm. 


I have the light centered on the tank. I have it at the highest point. I have read about different heights etc and settings but it all become obscured and blurred with so many opninions for different size tanks that I don't own. 


So my question is what's a recommended height for the tank I have? Also what are some settings for the height? 


Because it matters for the settings and height .... As for the what what I want to grow....

zoas, GSP, torch, a Duncan and a few leather. Possibly a hammer. And way later in the future after the tank is solid a birds nest. 


I will have two clown fish in the tank along with a shrimp and 5 turbo snail.  Of course cleanup first then spacing out the time of putting them in. I may add another fish in the future but for now 2 clown are fine 


thanks for any advice  image.thumb.jpg.58bc4d18866b6a94778b49174851b932.jpg 

Protein skimmer not here yet but it will be soon 

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The most common height placement is 8-10".


Ppl often put the light higher for wider spread. I have mine at 11" on my 15g because my 15g has a Ai Prime and the tank is 24" long. I have no shadowing between 10-11".


Settings vary. It's really upon personal preference. Some like 14k, 15k, 20k.


I like mine in the 16k range.


For the corals you want they all need moderate lighting excluding the birdsnest. 

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I have the hydra 26.  I think it is great.  I find it much easier to program through their MyAI site then on app.  I am curious on the intensity you plan on running your lights.  I have blues at 30 red, green, and white much lower.  My tank is also young, 2 clowns, one shrimp, 2 hermits and 2 turbo.  So not sure what corals will like. 

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I use an Ai Prime with Lps and birdsnest.


Slowly rises lighting.


My lights are set at


94% DB

90% B

85% UV and V 

25% w

20% R

15% G

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Nice I ended up going on the aquarium solution website and downloading a program that looks really good. I am actually about to transfer over some frags from my 3.5 gal tank today. I think I am going to run a acclimation of 30% rising over a whole 6 weeks 

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I have the AI hydra 26 HD.  I checked out the above web site.  How do you open the file?  Can you upload it to program to manage the light?

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Well first you need to link up to your hydra via a computer. Not a phone or iPad. 

Download that program and it should be I. Your download folder. 

On the MyAI website there is a button that will give you the option to download(save your setting and share to others) or upload( load programs you downloaded.) 

press the upload and select the program you downloaded and boom it is now programmed and you can fine tune it if you want to. 

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