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Mattie's 15G nano/frag tank


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my 15 g is 24 x 12 x 12

2 x 65w pc actinic 12 hours & 2x 65 10k 10 hours

7 lbs of mixed araganite and 3-5 lbs of LR

the tank is drilled with a 10g sump/ fuge

there is no true filter or floss the sump has about 10-15 lbs of live rock and dead coral frags

seaclone protien skimmer in the sump

1 aqua clear 201 125gph flow and a powersweep (it works great but i am not impressed)

there is a kalk drip and the tank has been running for about 4 mopnths now

inside there is a bi-color basslet and 2 yellow clown gobies (which f*@3ING NIBBLE ON SPS)

plenty of frags and 4-5 inch squasmo keep Ca and Alk a full time job

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That's a few frags. I need to start picking up my frags off the bottom of the tank and putting them into grow out...


Are you dripping CA and Buffer on this tank too?

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just kalk on this one and ot work fine but i am planning to switch to the dual drip becouse i like the idea of adding magnisum and stronium with the calcium

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Can anybody help me with my flame scallop? I don't know what's wrong with it.. It doesn't have those long red strings hanging out of it's shell anymore and it doesn't close it's shell right away when I picked it up. Is it dying? HELP!

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dual drip is not fancy equipment yet

i have 2 one gallon jugs on a shelve which is higher than my sump each jug has a hole and an I.V. drip tube that i got second hand from an animal hospital

one jug has sea-chem "reef-complete"calcium w/ mag & stron and the second jug has kent" supa buffer" i mix in 3 tbls per gallon for each and drip for 4-5 days at a slow rate approximately 1 drop per every 10 seconds.. ... not too high tech but i am planning to do an airpowered auto topoff that will use the same to jugs just hidden behind the stand....

i have had amazily great results with this method......

but i only do this becouse my calcium uptake is so great i could not mix the kalk strong enough to keep the ca at 400 in my 20g nano... this 15 has not yet become a problem but i can tell 1 day soon i will be having problems with the Ca and Alk

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mattie, the tank looks good, but why not put some egg crate to form 3 different levels in the tank to maximize space available for corals?


oh yeah, i live in myrtle beach, what all ya got in there? ;) ;)



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1 the seaclone works good it is the newer model which is more effiecent then the older model. and it is more than powerfull enough IMO for a 15G w/ a 8gal sump


corals in 15G

Blue Hummilis Acropora

tan/gold seritapora all sizes

Blue Montipora digi, Blue Montiopora encrusting

Orange montipora digi, orange montipora cap.

purlple monti pora digi

Light green Montipora digi, Dark green montipora digi

Yellow Porites Dig,

yellow plating turbiniara

orange blue greeen ricordia...Purple ricordia

Tan/green acro/sp.?...

Green Squasmo Clam 3.5 inch

GSP..,... Pipe organ.. zenia....

3 assorted mushrooms...

several blue legs hermits

light tan/yellow Montipora

green zoo's

Yellow poylps, green polyps

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the 15G nano---reef 260Watt powercompact frag tank

1 125gph ph and 1 175gph powersweep

with a 10g sump seaclone skimmer

an emerald crab an orange linka starfish

a few hermits and a snail....

a pepermint shrimp

and several frags ready for...........

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