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Look what i got for free


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Guess what i was talking to my neighbor about my aquarium because


has done salt water and i told him the story of 10 gallon to 50 gallon


12gallons and he asked me if i wanted his old 55 gallon tru vu acrylic

tank So of course i had to have it. So this morning i went with anna


you know that) and brought it in the garage. Of course i did cleaning


maintenece on everything so heres what i got


1.55 gallon tru vu acrylic tank

2.Stand and canopy unstained

3.Some filter which hangs on siphons in goes through media


and pumped out (very nice)

4.Two power heads cant think of name i could check just to lazy

5.1 remote ballast for two bulbs PC and another for 1 PC bulb!!!!!!

6.Like 8 different size air pumps

7.3 heaters

And a whole bunch of other stuff


problems things are corroded here and there but wouldnt mess with


because anything that is coroded operates outside the tank.

Well i am having a blast with my tankS


you are to

:P :P :P pretty cool huh

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pretty cool huh what to keep in it thoegh mybe even fresh or some bamboo shark or something well ideas and of course some more lights and ha a fat reef tank

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thats just like me i have a friends dad who is giving me a 55 hex and a 70 gal long w/ stand for free now just need to make my mom say yes to 2 fish tanks

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Free stuff is always good :) I was at the LFS a couple of weeks back and the guy gave me an Alife 7 cube for free !!! it's good to know there are some nice people left out there :)



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