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NanoBox Growth : Documenting the NanoBox RedSea Reefer

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I'll get a new top down this weekend. You can see the growth across the board. Aug 17 - October 18.


PARNanoBoxRedSeaNanoBoxDec-12NBR42518-12nbroct (5 of 5)


What has done really well? 

Montis - Grow like weeds. Amazing color. 

Zoas/ Palys - The tank is high nutrient and I think that is the reason they do so well. 

Favias - Left corner. They grew very fast then halted. I think this is due to them being so close to each other. There are four within ~3".

Chalices - Amazing grow and color. Easy. 

Mushrooms in the center - I love and hate these. They pack a killer sting but are gorgeous. Starting with one and now have four. 

Acros - Very top is a purple tip acro. Growing very well but color is so-so. I contribute this to not staying on top of parameters and high nutrients. I lost the Walt Disney ( besides one polyp due to power outage and light being off for eight days ). 

Frogspawn - Grows like a weed and has been fragged a handful of times. 

Duncan - I had to move to the back as it was to large! 


This being a true mixed reef has done extremely well for my lack of really trying. I let the corals tell me what they need rather than doing what I think. I will be adding a dosing schedule for 2-part finally as I simply need it. This tank likes less light. The growth has been much better once I switched away from the Quad. 


Future plans ?

  • Dosers.
  • Green slimer for a branching/tall acro.
  • Large frag discs to mount corals that are having trouble growing on sand. 
  • Add dwarf moray eel? 
  • Start adding KALK on a dosing schedule for a higher PH. 

Video this weekend! 


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8 hours ago, Tamberav said:

Looks really great! Lots of POP! 

Thanks. I'd like to get a bit more from select corals. The sunset monti is looking a little dull. 


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first off I love your tank!! This is exactly the same tank that I am getting as well as a very similar coral selection. My only difference is my maxi mini carpet anemone collection plus one bubble tip. But I will primarily be mostly favia’s and a few acros.


I am am having a tough time deciding on just going with the deluxe version and getting the AI hydra 26 HD or your duo. Since you have been mostly using everything besides whites, have you thought about making a duo with zero white LED’s and adding other colors? 

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