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Biocube 16, First tank

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Hello, just wanted to post my first tank build. I was planning on a handful of cleaners after the tank cycles, slowly adding a few beginner corals.  I think mushrooms and zoas? Not sure.  3 fish, a pair of clowns and maybe a goby.  Just taking it slow, learning about the corals and fish before I actually select anything. Not really sure which direction i can go for easy care and hardy tank.  Any helpful advice or tips are greatly appreciated.  Thanks for looking.


I started the tank on Saturday, 12AUG, fish-less cycle using ammonium chloride solution. The ammonia levels have been steady at 2ppm, with a slight rise in Nitrite to .05ppm and Nitrate to 3ppm in just over 24hrs.  I used red sea salt to mix to a SG of 1.025, and using the red sea test kits to test all parameters. 


LED Biocube 16 w/ stock lighting.

Tunze Silence Pump 1073.008, Return pump.

Turbelle Nanostream 6040 w/controller.

inTank Media Basket, in 2nd chamber, w/ poly filter floss, (Purigen, Chemi-Pure Elite to be added after cycle)

Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152 ATO.


Approximately 14lbs of CaribSea Life Rock, and 15lbs of CaribSea live sand.




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I like your scape :)

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Thank you.  Tried for hours putting pieces together.


I am now however thinking I will have a heat problem.  Tank temps are at 82.  I have a Coralife Digital Thermometer in the tank, taking readings from the 1st chamber.  The installed fan seems a little loud, maybe if I take the hood and lights apart I can find a replacement fan, maybe see if I can fit another in there as well.  I bought the biocube because of the hood as my cats are skilled climbers, and I like the enclosed look.


Has anyone modded the led hood to fit better fans? Any other ideas or suggestions?

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