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I'm Batman

Chaeto inside AIO Basket Light recommendations?

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I'm Batman

Hey reefers!! I'm headed down the chaeto route and I'm looking for suggestions on an LED for healthy growing a Billiard size chaeto ball in a media basket on my all in one.


I see the JBJ and IM options. Can I get away with less than $60 refugium light or are these the best options. Clearly these are just little fixtures with 4 leds, seeming like a 6500k intensity. 


I don't need it to come with a magnet as I'm just going to tape it to the outside of the aquarium.


Are there any DIY battery powered "tap" lights or regular soft yellow leds that will keep the chaeto alive?


It's hard to find a small enough one however I see this one on Amazon that seems like it would work but a reviewer said it wasn't helpful and killed off his chaeto.


The space in the media basket is one approx. 4"x3" I'm thinking I won't need a specific intensity.


Thoughts and suggestions welcome

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I have had good luck with my innovative marine aquafuge light, I do think the size space you are going to allot for the chaeto is too small and not worth the hassle.  I used two whole chambers in the back of my IM40 and harvested biweekly chaeto and caulerpa with that light, then I dosed vibrant and all macros in refugium melted.  Even at two chambers the sequestration of nutrients and production of desired copepods and other life was minimal, don't tape a light to your tank it should be pretty not pretty ugly!  And I don't think a tap light of any quality will grow macros in a refugium.

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I think coralife makes a light that fits against the glass on the back

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Not too clear, but you have an AIO where you are trying to grow some chaeto in one of the chambers?


I have an IM25 and I cut out some of the vinyl in 2  of my chambers and use it to grow chaeto.

I use the hydroponic lights that I bought from Amazon for $20. It was a little too strong at first with the amount of LEDs it had, so I used some electrical tape to cover up some of the LEDs. Grows my chaeto pretty well, actually a little too well.... I was struggling to get my Nitrates above 2PPM (I know first world problems right?) and could barely register any Phosphates. I had to dial back down my chaeto timer and started dosing Nitrates in my tank.


Hope this helps.

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I've got the parts for a fuge light, just haven't put it together (only tested the lights work). Building one similar to the jbj/im lights. 


Got the 1w 6500k:



And the driver, 5w 1-6x1w:



you need basic soldering skills though. For the 120v cord coming out of the driver, I used a cheap extension cord from the dollar store and cut the female end off. DC wire isn't to hard to find (old charging cable, decent sized speaker wire, ect). I also bought a small project box to mount the driver in. 

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I'm Batman

@GraniteReefer it won't be ugly, it will be of some vinyl material and not like a scotch tape or anything gaudy. This tank is smack dab in the middle of the living room and kitchen. Aquafuge is $52.98 on Amazon sold by InTank.


I bought into Vibrant but was scared to use it. I hate when the makers of a product post positive reviews of it. 




I know you see that Monti Peeking out atcha!


14 hours ago, Nart said:

where you are trying to grow some chaeto in one of the chambers?

I have an all in one with an InTank media basket with three compartments dimensions 4.25" x 3.75"




Below is a better look at my media basket set up.


I'll probably ditch the filter floss and use poly-filter® at the top, move Purigen and chemi-pure down to the bottom, and put chaeto in the middle. Sorry I wasn't clear on this. The thread is titled "Chaeto inside AIO basket LED," assuming I'm going to put chaeto in a media basket compartment. ? Post a link of the light you bought so I can check it out! I would love to battle with having too little nutrients! 






@xthunt Lovin the DIY project! Link me to a write up on this, or is it super simple?


@Five.five-six post a pic of your chaeto real quick.


Thanks for the great responses!




15 hours ago, GregEmmitte said:

I think coralife makes a light that fits against the glass on the back

I couldn't find it. Shoot over the link.

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