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What about 32 gal. stocking?


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I'm starting a 32 gal. w/ 13.5 g sump... it's been cycling for 3 weeks now. Amonia and nitrite are 0, Nitrate is 15, PH 8.2, salt is 1.023 and temp. is almost hot 81º F.

I'm having a little problem with aiptasia at the moment... i have 6 of them (3 new little aiptasias and 3 older) So I want to stop them. What can I do?

I'm going to add clean up crews next week (some cleaner lysmatas and/or peppermint shrimp) and I have 2 little crabs in my LR.

I want to stock mytank with:

2 ocellaris.

1 centropyge eibli or bispinosus (whom do u thing it's better option).

1 bicolor blenny.

1 zebrasoma flavescens or ctenochaetus strigosus (kole).

1 mandarin (I know I must wait almost 6 months for it).

I was wondering if this could be a good stocking? If do you think tang is not good idea, I will change it for 2 chromis viridis that they also are colorist.

For inverts I only want 2 soft corals (leather and other),1 host anemone for clowns, some zoos and polips. I dont really like tanks with alots of colored inverts, sorry. who knows... maybe in afuture i'd have this kind of tank ;)

Excuses for my poor english... again :blush:

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I was thinking about this and I hope you like my new stocking ideas:


2 Ocellaris, 1 Gramma Loreto, 1 Centropyge (Eibli or flavissimus) and 1 mandarin...


1 Ocellaris, 2 Chromis (viridis or black and white), 1 Centropyge and 1 Gramma...


2 Ocellaris, 1 Gramma, 1 Salarias Fasciatus,1 Chromis and 1 Firefish...

There are other fishes that i love... Bicolor blenny, Randalli goby, black percula, Yellow tang (so I know my tank is marginal for them), Chelmon Rostratus (same than tang and I think is not reefsafe)...

Any suggestions? What do you think about theese stocks?

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Forget the Tang, The chromises would look much better anyway.


I don't know how much research you've done on anemones, but they need really pristine water and good lighting, your 110W may not be enough. Check out the faqs at www.wetwebmedia.com


Please don't buy a mandarin. Your tank will not be able to provide enough live food and it will slowly starve.


Blennies, gobies and firefish are all great choices. Perculas are great as well. It might be best to stick with those.


Good luck, be sure to post some pictures...

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A friend of mine with years of experience in fresh and saltwater told me that I can put 3 Chromis viridis and they count as only one fish in stock... because they're school fishes... Is that true?

If this is true, I was thinking about this population:

3 Chromis viridis, 2 Ocellaris, 1 Gramma and 1 blenny. (I forget about Centropyges also).

About lights... I'm gonna buy two little 18 W. PC lamps that I could add to my currently lights.B) for anemones and soft corals.

Thanks for suggestions.

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3 fish count as 3 fish, schooling is just the way they behave. They also get 3" and are eating machines. They are schooling fish but in the nature. They school for protection and dont need this in tanks especially in a nano. They get so aggressive (sometimes as aggressive as some damsels) as they age. I would not put them in a nano but you might try a single one to add some blue color to your tank.


I agree with Ciwila that no tangs and no mandarins.

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