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Galaxyhydro LED Lights

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For a 10 gallon aquarium (20 inches long and 12 inches deep) would the galaxyhydro LED dimmable light be suitable for growing soft corals and LPS corals? Would it also be strong enough for SPS corals if I decide to try them in the future? 


Here is the link:



Any information on this light or any other light fixture that may be suitable for my tank is much appreciated, I am looking to make sure I get something to encourage coral growth and create a healthy environment for them to live in.


Thanks a ton!

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Yes, you'll be able to grow soft, LPS, and SPS under that light. Buddy just set his up over a 24x22x14 frag tank and it's coloring and growing his sps well. He also has some high end chalices and Montis under the light as well. 



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