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Maxima PAR Range and Placement

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I've been really interested in clams and after a first failure I think I'm in a position to attempt another. What PAR range is typically ideal for Maxima clams?


I mostly see clams placed near the bottom, but with the often recommended 300-700 PAR I can only imagine what anything above is getting. In mixed tanks do people place the clams higher so lower light corals can thrive near the bottom?

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Most put clams on the sand for viewing purposes, with little thought given to the clams natural surroundings. That's not to say the clam isn't getting enough light, or is being neglected. It's for their athstetics. Personally, I put clams where they come from, in nature. For maxima clams, that would be the rocks, high up.


As far as PAR, maxima clams can pretty much take whatever you can give them. I'm not certain if they have the ability to regulate photosynthesis, like corals, or plants do. However, considering they contain the same, or similar types of zooxanthellae, I would guess they possess the same photoinhabition abilitys. What this means is, once they have peaked photosynthesis, they can stop the process. So, in reality, the thought of giving something too much light, just isn't true. As long as the animals are acclimated to the light intensity, they will be fine, even at 1000 PAR.


So, many reefers have tanks with 400 PAR at the sand bed. That's plenty for any clam, or coral. PAR readings higher up, will obviously be higher. That just means the corals in those higher areas reach a peak faster, then stop photosynthesis.

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