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Aqua One 35 Nano Tank

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Hi yeah haven’t posted in a while but just purchased the jebao rw4 to increase flow and hopefully that will stop it from coming back. I stilll have the anemone but it seems to be doing well now and feeding regularly. However, I’m still going going to get rid of it soon as someone wants it. Can anyone recommend which settings I should have the rw4 on and in which direction I should point it because I currently have it on 3 bars of power and on the w1 setting and it is directed toward my anemone which is sat on top of the rock structure and it seems to be to strong for it I think.


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I wouldn't direct the flow directly at any coral or the anemone.


There is no perfect placement or setting. Each tank is different. You have to play around with it.


Flow helps reduce cyano but the cause is nutrients in the tank

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Yes I know mate good flow will hopefully export it towards the filter and also due to the anemone being on top of the rock structure it seems to be affected by the power head where aver I direct it.

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