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Thunder Goose

Mangrove Manor - a Femto tank

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Thunder Goose

That's right folks! A FEMTO tank. Smaller than a pico! Just for the bragging rights.


I was cleaning out the lab and found an old TLC developing chamber. TLs is Thin Layer Chromatography. It's a technique used to separate (usually for identification) molecules in a solution.




This chamber holds just about 1 gallon of water if it's full to the brim. I didn't have plans for it (just thought it was neat) until TB Saltwater sent me a free Mangrove. Well, I don't have a good, lighted, spot for one. So I sat it in a cup of brackish water to start rooting.




It did so I set up some substrate in the TLC and placed the Mangrove in it.


Well, one Mangrove does not a manor make so, since I was placing an order I ordered a few more.





We'll see what happens. It's totally unheated. I might put some sturdy coral or a hermit crab (probably Dexter, who living in the sump after killing half my snails). It's an interesting experiment anyway.

2017 July 12 tlc with rock and sand.jpg

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If you don't have a good light then just leave it outside for the summer 

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I like it!!

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Very cool!

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WV Reefer

Sooo cute!!

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