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I placed and order with Rick at Coral Dynamic and my shipment arrived Wed. morning. The order was 6 frags (7th for free) for $91 with the shipping. Unfortunately, I didn't get home to acclimate them until after 11:00 PM thanks to work and the Met game.


I emailed Rick to tell him that I was taking full responsibility due to my late acclimation but I wanted to let him know that one of the breathable bags had broken and my xenia frag had a shell in the bag that clearly roughed up the polyps (and had two bristle worms inside as well). Last night I took everything out and had to toss the frags. Nothing lived.


Rick responded to my email, telling me that he was sorry that I didn't get home earlier, that the bags really can't be double bagged or the breathable aspect is wasted and that he views the worms as beneficial (as do I) and that he was sorry for the mishaps. He even offered me $25 towards a replacement order. He didn't have to do this. Hell, I practically asked him not since I stressed several times that I was very late in getting to the bag. I was certain that I was s.o.o.l. but Rick took the high road and kept me as a customer.


The frags were all a perfect size, although the caulestrea was a bit big, with three heads. The frags are unmounted so be forwarned that you will be mounting them when you acclimate them.


Thanks to Rick's professionalism, and understanding, I will be reordering next week for a Saturday delivery.


Well, there you have it. I have been lucky enough to find another online retailer that I can trust and one that I know will handle their orders with care and professionalism (premium aquatics is my other 100% recommendation).


My thanks to Rick and I will let y'all know when order try #2 comes in.




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I got three frags from Rick about a month and a half ago and wanted to say that it was a terrific experience. I got the frags the next day at exactly 10:30 (the exact time he told me they would be there) acclimated them and they are thriving....He also responded to the two email questions I sent him within hours.


I can't wait to start my next tank, I will definately stock it with frags from Rick!!

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I second the one about premium aquatics! I recently bought an Oceanus ro/di from them. It arrived a day early, was packed well, and the guy I orderd it from was very patient and helpful. Thanks, Crakeur, for the recomendation. I will be ordering frags sometime in the near future and think I will give Coral Dynamic a once over.

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yes, Chromis, they were. I have been a big fan since I was a little kid and had season tickets during the 80's. I even had connections to get visiting player's seats when I was growing up. A chance to sit on the field (my 7 yr old nephew was banging on the Marlin's dugout) and watch them win and play like the champs they once were was a thrill. hell, we just scored a box over the met's dugout for the Atlanta series. The trip is a pain, I get home late, the food stinks and, since I no longer drink beer, I can't catch a good buzz but being at the stadium brings back the child in me.


I'd do it again if I had the choice.

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heh, didn't put two and two together. We did own the D-Backs for a while tho. Alas, that has come to an end. Thankfully, your boys beat the Yankees and showed their lame, sheep following fans that other owners have the cash to beat them. Man I hate the Yankees.

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