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Best T5 to supplement LED???

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Hey folks.  Looking for some suggestions on what to supplement my Current Marine Orbit Pro with?  Tank is a 20 long, so only 12'' tall and front to back.  Corals will be simple softies & LPS, w some macros.  I know the LED itself is enough for my lower demand corals, but this being my 1st LED only tank Im finding I miss the T5's.  Ive seen allot of tanks in person using both and they look great.  The growing consensus is its a good way to go.  So I want to give a try.


Adding 2 bulbs.  I get plenty of ''pop'' so I don't really need that.  & with the low demand corals I plan on and the shallow tank, PAR is not a very big factor at all really.


My thoughts were adding a 6500 for a couple hours during day when Im not home.  I plan on putting some macros in the tank as well so I know they'd benefit.


Then on the other side add an actual actinic, not a blue.  I get plenty of blue from the light, don't need more.


I guess the daylight bulb is more my question.  Do I go 6500, or something higher kelvin?  If higher Kelvin - 10-15k, what's everyone's opinion on best one?  More for growth then appearance.  Again that bulb will be on when no one home to add some good growth power.


All ears here!

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6500k helps grow algae. That's a planted tano spectrum.


10,000k and higher is for corals

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