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15G Nano - pumping along

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9 hours ago, gogeta said:

Not tank related but had to share this for the animal lovers. My little sausage




Didnt really want a small dog but she's grown on me in cuteness 


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Tank has hit 4 months old this week! Getting ridiculously easy to keep everything stable so definitely maturing.



- new frags are doing great

- new equipment is working really well, cheap ato is so far doing its job perfectly.

- temp has been the most stable it has been in ages and I think the coral is really enjoying that

- pretty sure flame angel is nipping at polyps of the sps, have put him up for sale on a local reefing board.



- changed carbon

- cleaned skimmer

- scraped back wall acrylic better than normal

- vacuumed sandbed only got half done though


Water Chemistry

alk - 8.6

calcium - 400

magnesium - 1320

salinity - 35ppt

nitrates - <2

phosphates - <0.03


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- big tank scrap and clean with magic eraser. I have used the magic eraser always on tanks to get off stubborn algae. I can't seem to remove this small algae near the sand on the glass and it's bothering me!!! Better but still there

- stirred sand bed

- because I disturbed a lot of algae and detritus I did a 30% water change

- maintenance on wavemaker cleaned in vinegar

- got a ridiculous amount of pods so took chaeto out and washed in the water change water to remove some pods.


Water Chemistry

salinity - 35ppt

nitrate - 2

phos - 0.03

alk - 9 (using RSCP salt and increased a bit around 1 with bigger water change)

calcium - 400 ( have been dosing still working upto the sweet spot)

magnesium - 1350 (dosing seems bang on for this)


Feeding and Dosing

- frozen cube 1/3 per day

- amminos 1ml per day

- reef roids once per week

- alk .5 dkh per day

- calcium 5ppm per day

- magnesium 2.5ppm per day




- still looking for a home for the flame angel have noticed more and more nipping at sps

- am gonna start removing some lps as I want to continue to store sps in this tank and I'm pretty much out of real estate

- i am sure loving the strawberry shortcake so glad I picked it up and cheap!







And this little guy was a freebie with the last coral purchase!






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Couple new corals. Couldn't get them to frag them so I'm stuck with the colonies






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