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Milky Way

peppermint shrimp - the biggest mistake!!!

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1 hour ago, Milky Way said:

Which Shrimp is 1000$ reef safe????

Not 100%, nothing is, but your best bet are Skunk cleaners. Useful for fish as well.  My hermit is on timeout in my sump cause I caught him munching on an acan and my goni...


i still ill gotta knock my shrimp away when I target feed the sun coral, cause he'll steal food from it

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There is distinct difference in the look between camels and peppermints.


Camels have whiter lines and a very large hump.


Peppermints don't.


Many of us have had peppermints destroy corals.


Mine destroyed 3 brains in 1 day.


They were definitely peppermints.


They actually have a reputation for possibly going after coral.

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I got a peppermint shrimp from an lfs one day, and it would just beat up coral for food.  Returned it.  It was definitely a peppermint.

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