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another noob w/questions


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Hi all, just started my first reef tank and lovin it. I have 20+ years freshwater experiance so I'm not totaly clueless, but what is this worm lol?




Also what type of coral is this, and can i keep it with a 32 wt PC?


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Originally posted by EtOH_is_good

looks like a bristleworm.  try searching for the hitchhiker faq.  sorry can't id your coral off the top of my head.


Yeah i think it is a bristleworm it looks like a pipe cleaner.



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Originally posted by tinyreef

is that coral hard (maybe hydnophora) or soft (maybe lobophytum)?

It is a hard coral i'll try and search for info on the hydnophora,


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I have actually a lot of those bristle worms exactly like the one you have in your pic. harmless unless they are super duper big...but, don't touch em w/ bare hands since bristles are sharp and prickly. And if you don't overfeed the fish, your bristle worm population won't get out of control.

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