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Lula Mae's full circle 5.5--new pics!

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If I had a $20 bill for every time I saw a molt and thought it was a corpse, I'd be in good shape, lol.  You have to realize that I go through 40l a day at home and 150 at the shop plus pack out days with fresh mix to replace what I sent out. It takes 5 days to drain an IBC tote.

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Found the new porcelain hanging out on the feather duster last night after lights out. :happy: He loves the GSP too and is hanging there right now!




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On 1/3/2018 at 6:24 PM, Lula_Mae said:

I spotted my little yellow nudibranch the other day and managed to snag a couple of pics!






It’s neat when hitchhikers turn out to be the good guys.


I have had some GOM live rock in tank for eight years, starts sprouting new things afte being aquascaped from a differrent tank.  Whatever environmental trigger, reef tanks will bedazzle.

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