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Ravi balineni

Soft Plumbing two Fluval Spec V (s)

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Ravi balineni

Hi folks,

 This is my first post on nano reef even though I'm a stalker for several years and only signed up recently.

 I have a Pico Fluval Spec V  with a bunch of sps and some zoas . I had an idea of stacking another Fluval Spec V next to it and running a refugium but instead of drilling , I want to run the outlet of each pump into the other tank . My concern is that if the flow rate is off by a few ml I would eventually overflow one of the tanks ... the theory is to use float switches to stop overflowing .. dunno about the practical part.

Has anyone tried this before ? If so please help my idea come to life .  Any help/advice is greatly appreciated


 Tank specs:

Fluval Spec V  .Nanobox Tide mini . Hydor 214 with wavemaker 5secs on off cycle . Smart Micro Ato .

50W heater .

Tank inhabitants:


Lone nearly naked clown about half inch

Pom pom crab

1 Mexican trochus 

1 Margarita snail

1 Turbo snail

3 micro blue legged hermits



Forest fire digi 

Pink lemonade Acro

Some kind of blue Tort

Green Monti 

Pink Monti 

Hollywood Stunner

Green Stylopora  

Green birdsnest 

Ponape birdsnest

Tabeling Acros (2)

Zoanthids 5 types

2 Gorgonians.



Weekly 1 gallon water change 

Glass algae cleaning as needed 2 fishies nano mag

Running chemipure nano







Edited by Ravi balineni
Deleting pic

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Ravi balineni

Couldn't delete above pic .

Full tank shot below



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That's a pretty tank, and I love the way you have the magnifying glass set up!!


However, I am horrible when it comes to plumbing, hoping someone else will hop on here and help you out. :)

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