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Red Algae Problem


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I recently have had some red algae growing on my LR and don't know if that is a good thing or a bad thing. Here is my setup


12G Nanocube

11 lbs Tonga LR

10 lbs live sand


Phos Zorb

No Bio Balls

No sponges

Stock lights

mini jet 606 pump

SG 1.023



Brittle starfish



Open Brain Coral


The tank has been running for over 3 months and I used RO water when I started and switched to tap about 6 weeks ago. I use Tropic Marin salt, and I feed cyclopeeze daily and target feed the coral brine shrimp plus twice a week.


The red algae showed up a few days ago. I can blow it off of the LR with a turkey baster and it looks kinda thick. I recently had corraline algae start to grow a few weeks ago that is starting to cover the back of the tank. Is it possible that this stuff is part of the corraline algae cycle??? Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Sounds like cyano. Why would you switch to tap water? My guess is that that is your problem. Go back to RO water.


You did not mention what you feed your fish? If your are not feeding them... they may have wiped out your pod and worm populations, causing detritus to build up and set-off the cyano outbreak.


But I still think the water is your main problem.

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I bought a tuxedo urchin to deal with this problem in my refugium. The urchin works very well. It went to work within the day I got it; It started on a rock...not moving for a while...but when I saw the rock today it was 100% clean! It was like someone took my rock out and scrubbed it with a pad!!

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