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My First RO/DI system after 7 years of Nano-Reefing

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I have been getting RODI and mix from my LFS for the past 7 or so years.  It's always been great water, but I took the hood off of my JBJ 28g nano and put in an AI LED over the edge light, and now the evaporation is through the roof.  I can't be going to the LFS every week, so I decided to start making my own RODI water, but I might as well make my own mix too.  I also will be installing an ATO system, with the bucket under the stand to keep the levels from swinging so dramatically.


Before I ask any questions on RO/DI, I have been searching the threads and trying to educate myself.  I want to see if I have understood what I have read.  I purchased the 5 stage double DI 90gpd spectrapure system.  It has one TDS meter and it seems to be in front of the Particulate filters (straight tap) and after the RO, (before DI stage)  I am getting about 195 in and 4 out.  The RO is expected to reject 98% of TDS and the DI filters the rest.  So in order to get the final TDS reading, I need another one the "Product" side, but it seems that most people suggest a hand held unit for product water.  I'm not that particular but what are your thoughts on product TDS meters?


I am getting 60PSI out of the tap, so when that starts to drop, that is the indication that particulate filters need to be changed.  When the calculated RO number drops, it is an indication of RO membrane replacement.  When TDS at the product rises, then the DI filters need to be changed.  There is a flush kit that can be added to the system that will flush the RO membrane and extend it's life, but I don't understand why that wouldn't be standard.  I am considering that, what is your thought on the flush kit?


RO is good for drinking water, but not RO/DI, so you can put in a splitter at the post RO stage to collect drinking water.  I am trying to decide if I want to mount the system under the kitchen sink and add a tank for drinking water, or in the garage dedicated to Nano Reefing.  There is a faucet in the garage that I can hook up directly to the system, just need to run the waste out the wall into the garden.  I'm just dragging it out in the back yard, hooking it up for a few hours to fill a jug, and then putting it in the shed when I am done.  Do many of you setup in the kitchen?


I didn't ask a lot of questions, but if you see anything that I didn't understand, I would be happy to get input.







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