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SPS Canyon: ELOS Midi- New House, New Tank, New Stand

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10 hours ago, Gatorbait01 said:

How do you like your gyre pump? I was considering one for my midi to possibly replace one of the tunze 6095s, thinking it would free up a little space. Does it push a lot of water towards the front of the tank and down creating a circular pattern? What pwr level to you max it at to prevent it from blowing your substrate? 

It blows the substrate. I’ve given up on trying to keep it from doing so. My gyre is set to blow at 100% for 1 minute and reverse mode for 5 minutes, recreating a surge effect.

9 hours ago, DaveFason said:

Really looking great. Is the frag tank lit by the hybrid or Duo?


The house looks great too!


Thanks Dave. It’s lit with the hybrid! 

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