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Virtual moon channel

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This is a feature request I just came up with, but maybe there us another way to do it that I am not aware of... :)


users with no dedicated moon channel who use for example blue a 1% for moonlight can't make use of the natural moon cycle. Right?

So the idea is to create a virtual moon channel that consists of one or more real channels and what you would set is the dimming level max. For example 100% moon is in reality 3.5 % blue and 2% uv.

Then use this virtual moon channel for the natural moon cycle setting. 


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I'm still waiting for no black background. Get in line buddy!

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:) Of course the background should be prioritized!

Since I re-read the manuaI several times think my request is BS anyway. the moon cycle setting does exactly that by using all channel settings of the night level as max and dimming with that. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.


I just got confused since I never had it activated and now I use the new custom schedule feature. I don't know how it works with that one...

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