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Skimmer help


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I'm planning to transfer my 18 gal. tall reef tank to a 30 gal pretty soon. I've never had a skimmer before and I'm planning to get one for the 30 gal. Any suggestions on what brand to get at the best price? Also I've heard that some skimmers are loud....is that true?

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Yep. Some are loud and having it sit on the back of your tank (versus in a sump down in a cabinet) isn't going to help matters any. Not a lot you can do about it though.


Probably your best (and least obtrusive) choice is an AquaC Remora or Remora Pro.

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i agree with reefmaniac...but unless u are willing to spend all of that money for the remora i would go with a bak pak a prizm(personal favorite) or a seaclone....

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