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Does a 14" SmartLite Retrofit throw a lot of heat?


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I was wondering. Does a 14" SmartLite 32w Retrofit throw a lot of heat? I know they have a remote mount ballast but do the lights themselves throw a lot of heat?

I ask because I want to mount this light in a enclosed hood.

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Thanks reverai for the info. I was going to dremel out some slots in my hood as well as add two 60mm fan blowing inward accross the light strip.


-I just wanted a real-world experience with this light.


Thanks again.

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I have one in my 12 gal eclipse hood too. I have the back of the hood cut out because of my HOB and taking out the stock filter. I also added an all-glass lid to eliminate the "stock" plastic light shield. and my temp only fluctuates about 2-3 degrees when the lights are on. Just my experience, for what its worth.

by fluctuates I mean I have the heater set at 77 degrees and the water never gets over 80 before the lights go out.

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carlosrivi, I am using a heater that keeps it 81-82 .. when the light is on it will reach 85 ..


I am trying to get it cooled down a bit .. but I dont want to adjust too rapidly. i.e. i dont want to lower the heater setting too much at once

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