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Denise's Halcyon Red Sea Reefer 250 - 3/25 Protobuild (Pic)

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Shout out to my husband who signed off on a new/larger tank!  <3


Tank: Red Sea Reefer 250 in black  (on order)

Sump:  Synergy Reef CL-22 Sump in Atomic Green w/ matching 5 gallon ATO container
Lights: Nanobox Quad Plus (black on black) w/ goosenecks  Thanks, @davefason!  (on order)

Tank Cover:  ClearView lid by Artfully Acrylic  (on order)
Pump: Reef Octopus Varios 6
Flow: Ecotech MP40WQD  (on order)
Media Reactor: 
ATO: Tunze Osmolator Nano 3152
Skimmer: Deltec SCA 1351 (Adam @ Battlecorals was fantastic!)


Dosing container:  4 section custom by Blue Tide Acrylics  (on order)
Controller: Neptune Apex Classic

Safety:  Apex ALD, Ecotech battery backup, Varios float switch for return pump

BRS Pukani dry rock - 35 lbs
Caribsea Arag-Alive in Fiji Pink - 20 lbs
Filter socks - 200 micron x 2
BRS Rox carbon and GFO
Instant Ocean Bio-Spira to start the whole thing off

HW-Marinemix Reefer mixed to 1.24-25

Livestock - will transfer from current tank

Six line wrasse

Sustainable Aquatics Frostbite clowns - bonded pair



QUESTIONS:  1.  Recommendations for 4 channel doser would be GREATLY appreciated.  I'm struggling between just closing my eyes/sucking it up and getting the GHL 2.1 or something more reasonable like Aquamedic EVO.  I thought about the Kamoer X4 but feel not quite ready for primetime.  




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Hi the custom made sump can you provide a link to where to find it and is that a refrigium too? And can you provide the dimensions please

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