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RO/DI Filter - Chloramine

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I bought an economy RO/DI Filter from marine depot. My tap water is fairly clean, but they treat with chloramine. Which I just found out is not filtered out effectively through reverse osmosis and deionization. 


In my mind, I have two options:


1. Buy another canister and filter set specifically for chloramine.

2. Continue the same ro/di filter system and use Prime before water changes.


Only problem with option 2 is that my DI filter will run out faster but I'm only planning on using about 5 gallons per week anyways. Also the filter system is larger than I initially thought as is so I don't really want to make it bigger.


Do you guys worry about chloramine? Or is there a 3rd option?


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Just buy the chloramine specific charcoal blocks from BRS and you're good to go. If you really want to then get a 4th canister and shuffle stuff around so you have two charcoal filters but it really isn't all that necessary. 

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The carbon block does absorb chloramines you just have to change it more frequently. You can test when to change the block with a simple dip strip. I have water treated the same way and the value ro/di as well. +1 on brs carbon blocks though. They last longer and have a smaller micron rating.

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Awesome. Thanks guys. Looking into the manual it does say it absorbs it. Not sure why they had an article stating otherwise. Other than the fact that they want me to buy another canister.


I'll replace the carbon with the BRS filter when the time comes.

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