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My 29g biocube was started June 6th 2010. It was in a bad place in my house. Too close to the door with everyone in & out. It got nicked once or twice & the press board stand is starting to come apart at the seams! I really was afraid the stand would collapse one day. I will one day convert the cube to a freshwater community tank, move the cube & build a new wooden stand. I moved all the livestock into an IM fusion 20g.


20g im fusion pro


Mighty jet pump that came with the pro 


filter floss, Chemipure blue, carbon,  x2 intank caddies. (looks like a newer version from the one I have in my 10 its a very tight fit on both of the new ones almost too tight(?))


Two AI Primes.



A variety of snails. I can't remember what all I had in the old tank. I know I have one some stomatella varia Florida ceriths. Narsius snails, 1  blue legs hermits 1 red legs hermits. Asterina starfishes.


Blacker ice & phantom clown pair. X2 firefish


18 RFA ❤️ and idk how many babies


Softies: Pink Cabage coral. Very Large unidentified photosynthetic gorg. (slit pore?),  Pink Encrusting gorg, Red mushroom.

macro algae.

red pom pom.


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I added the second prime The one light was actually ok corals didn't seam to mind. It seemed sufficient but it was throwing some big harsh nasty shadows from the flow nozels all over my corals this is much better

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Is two primes crazy overkill ? The guy at the new lfs I went to today looked at me like I was nuts when I said what lights I have on the tank. He said I could grow prety much anything then he started laughing and shaking his head and told the other guy what I was running and he was like ?then shook his head and just didn't say anything. What gives. He has hydras on all his frag tanks...?  Even the 30s. Did I say something weird? He looked at me kind of funny when I called a meteor shower cyphastrea by name and asked if he had bulkheads too.......

I bought the bulkhead and the cyphastrea...btw......

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So......went back the LFS & found this I think its a favia of some sort like one of those larger polyp Indonesian ones. Its about 3/4 an inch across.  It is certanly a LPS of some kind the guy at the lfs had no idea said it may be a baby lobo frag. I doubt it. I liked the color so I got it. Its got bright green stripes pale powder blue, brown & orangeish in the middle. This is it with just the camera flash. soryit's not clearer.


My lobo has finaly died it started slowly dissolving from one corner I noticed it about 4 days after I got it. I suspect stress, shipping damage & possible infection. That one corner never would inflate & always looked unhappy as you can see in the previous picture the skeleton was puncturing the flesh in multiple places after being shipped. Everything else is doing well my orange cap montipora has alot more new growth that I would have suspected & my Green medusa montipora also has a good bit of new growth (until I broke it off twice). I have a new frag of jedi mind trick montipora that has a lot of new polyps not I haven't seen much growth yet. That answers my question if I can grow some kinds of sps apparently. I moved some more gorgs into this tank from another tank to make room for a rescued trachyphillia one is open & fluffy the other one is still pissed. I also added two snake polyps a red/green & a neon green/pink spots.

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Tank is still going!fingerscrossed I lost the medusa monti after if tell first in a favia then a rfa....then I broke it off twice...ugh :rant:The mind trick monti & the cyphastrea got a little baked by the lights so they are in the 10g now.P7220965_zpsgx7jetuf.jpg


This realy is a RFA farm now! I have rigged a tray to hold the babies. I have found 11 so far...baby%20rock%20nem1_zpsgzlbfcqp.jpg


I added that injured green, blue & brown baby Trach a while back & it is doing very well. I got it a buddy a few weeks ago....I thought they were about the same size but dang when he opened up the new guy is huge! its rusty-orange, blue-green & purpleish the inside of the mouths is bright green eeee! I can't believe he was only 40$ & it has two mouths!Clipboard02_zpsvg0fmzfx.jpg


the lavender green & pink platygyra is showing good growth recently it is so fat!Clipboard03_zpskm3xtzsc.jpg


I have added a birdnest frag last week it has good polyp extention & seens very happy so far. I had one several years ago in the biocube but a malfunction cooked it so we will see how this one will do. P7220962_zpsdl7csdvu.jpg


Went to the LFS yesterday & they had some millepora on sale.... I got two :scarry: I have never tried to keep any before *yikes* so scary! One is green & pink (no idea what its called)The other is odd it is overall purple with green on the tips but areas have different shades of purple some is red/purple & some is blue/purple (no idea what this one is called either). The pink & green has been kind of meh about putting out its polyps but the purple one is so fluffy! I hope I can keep thinks stable enough to keep them going! I just bought a 4 stage rodi system & tds meter sooo...yea that should help.



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okay..... now two of my rfa have gone walk about......& ...its still on the move what gives those things never move..O.o.....? Perhaps the emerald crab that was hiding under it pissed them off? ok so I'm up to 13 rfa and the last two, wow! One looks like it will be an ultra! And the other one has something very strange going on it is very small & hard to see but something funky with this one....O.o will get back on that when It opens up more.......now one of the rfa has moved right back to its old spot O.o

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Legendary Corals


This one looks like the infamous Red Planet. It's actually a type of tabling acro. :)


I get baby RFAs sometimes too, but always have no clue what to do with them. 

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Oh nice Thanks for the ID. from What I see I think you are right.The plating form should look great on the wall of the tank! I wonder what the other one is the color is a little brighter green on the ends now but I still see two shades of purple red purple & blue purple on the body....I cant seem to find on quite like it...

Easiest thing to do with baby RFA seems to be to put them in a tray so that they can not disappear on you & then just let them sit & cook grow out seems to take a while.....


A note on my RFA baby that has something funky with it....I think it is a Siamese twin with two heads! I'm about 85-90% sure. Its soooo small its very hart for me to tell 100% at this point. At first I thought it was just two that were holding onto one another but after very gently trying to get them to separate & watching hem attach & hold on with what looks like the same oddly oval shaped foot I do think this is what I have going on....Even stranger they started out pure white but seem to be developing color at diffrent rates. one has a brown/orange face & the other is whitish. I wonder if they will develop different colors I will start a thread to track the development of this weirdo nem




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Found a second nem baby with two heads & this one is larger there is no doubt it has two heads I can clearly see the heads joining on one body. Bizarre...I wonder if they will survive.

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I think I would remember giving them a meal like that. I have no idea what caused it. Have you found any with two heads mabey they are not that strange but just don't make it or something. Every thing else in the tank is fine except the blue milli I think I almost cooked it. I had moved it up in the tank I guess it was too close to the light or something I put it back where it was but its pissed and lost alot of color. The red planet recovered a tiny scrape it had so that's good.

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I lost some of my RFA babies. I have 6 or 7 left now if you count the two headed one as two & not one. My birdsnest most of it disapeared over night literaly it had been growing well actually before this it was moved to my 10g & stopped dyeing at least. I did a water change & about 2 days later one of my rfa randomly melted. I have no idea why.... The rest all seem fine. The blue milli that got cooked was not making any improvement so I also moved it to an area of higher flow and lower light in my 7g. The gorg in the middle was also moved to the 7g I moved my rainbow rfa from the 10g to this tank & also my largeish turquoise favia. I fraged a bunch of stuff also & put my frag rack back up in this tank. lots of stuff is still pissed from being fraged & moved around. The rfa babies have been moved to a container where the starfish can not get at them & I have also tweaked the rock work a bit.

 this is an awful picture of the tank I to take a better shot of it the pick makes it look kind of blea... Hopefully it will look better soon.





P1014751_zpsbn4qgg22.jpg P1014750_zpscva6dm1y.jpg this trach is getting huge! <3 I want another one!

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Finally found what was killing the sps the frags had hydroids on them.  Really little ones.  Lost the birds nest and one of the others. Still gave part of the red planet one but Idk if it will live. The red Monti fell in my favia and got stung it died. The jedi mind trick Monti in my other tank is growing well I may frag it to this tank. The trachs are getting huge I had to rearrange a bit to make room for them.  I have three now.  One is us a baby another rescue that was completely bleached when I got it. I have 16 baby nems now looks like I stopped killing them. Will try to get pics soon... 

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Check out how big this guy is getting calling him Jabba the hutt the green one is gardola the Hutt and the new little one  is pizza the Hutt lol excuse the glass and the camera phone flash pic looks even worse. I have not cleaned the yucky glass in weeks just did a water change today ill clean the glass when I change the filter floss tonight. I don't usually let my glass get this Grose. Pore little pizza was almost bleached completely white when I got it. He is turning a nice orange with green center. When I redo my 29 I want to get a nice rainbow and move the trahs into it and do a trachyphillia focused tank perhaps some gorgs perhaps one other LPS or a Monti cap of some kind. 


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Tank is still chugging along nems spawned a few months ago but havn't seen any little ones yet...Horrible FTS, a hungry Platygyra & rather content looking Trachyphillia. The clowns have not been getting along lately. The female has been getting more & more aggressive with the male. She has killed two males already. I was hoping this would work out they have been together a while with no issues but seems like she changed her mind about him. I may trade this pair for a pair of true percs if the lfs gets in some nice ones with some thick black markings on them.P1011108_zpste6u2ozh.jpgP1011157_zpsv4mstlox.jpgP1011151_zps5i8h8ion.jpg

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Tanks still going added some rock and rescaped idk how many baby rfa I have now a few from the first batch survived about an inch and a half across now. I moved the purple psudochromis to another tank there's a cherub angle in here now 20 is the minimum I would attempt with this fish and certainly not in a tall style tank. He is fat and healthy very well behaved seems quite content had it for at least 5 months. Also here's the wall of zen fish tanks the 10g is cloudy from me mucking around with it all morning and everything's pissed off. The 7 or 8 or whatever is now a freshwater for some of those swimming glowsticks and a female betta. The betta tank was intended for one but I found the other in bad shape and helped it out. Cant believe how long since I updated this 2 of my 3 trachs are gone due to some kind of bacterial infection my cynarina in my other tank also had it but it my big one survived. The cynarina is making a slow come back.



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Oh also moved my acans into here never did recover from receding in the 10g I'm gone try in this tank and see they are a bit brighter now could have been a flow issue with ick collecting between polyps or something idk realy. And yes the glass is a bit ew around the dges needs a good acrubbing.

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On 4/22/2019 at 4:51 PM, LazyFish said:




You have a lot of tanks and they all look amazing! I once had three freshwater tanks and all my friends thought I was nuts. I had to explain to them that one was a discus tank, one was a small fish community tank, and one was a shrimp only tank and they'd all eat each other if I put them all in the same tank!

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