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Old Man Sea's Marineland Profile 5.6 gallon pico reef - One Year Birthday - February FTS

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4 hours ago, Christopher Marks said:

How's your little Marineland pico reef doing these days @OldManSea?

Thanks for asking.  Still trucking along.  Getting ready to pull the now-too-large green Monti cap as it is shading everything.  I think I have a good replacement for it in similar color but no shading.  Once I make the change later this week I will post an update.



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Thanks for asking!  Work has been very busy, making three marine tanks too difficult to maintain.  Plus, the ricordeas and acans in the 5.6 gallon grew so much that they were being compressed against the sides.  In September, I combined the denizens of the 5.6 gallon and the creative contest pico bowl into an IM10.  I will write a formal build thread this week.  The build was simple though:  I just took the rocks with their inhabitants from the 5.6 and placed them into the new IM10, then gathered most of the inhabitants for the pico bowl.  I did give the mangroves to a fellow reefer, and I placed the rock flower anemones into the Red Sea Max 170.  Over the past two months I have moved the inhabitants around and I think I am getting close to having them where I want them.  I have added a few new corals since there is more space.  


Here are a couple of very poor FTS shot with my cell phone, one from the front



and one top down:






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Both systems combined into a beautiful setup with the IM10 @OldManSea!


What do you think of keeping mangroves, now that you've tried your hand at it awhile? Are they worth the trouble?

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