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clown with 1 white fuzzy patch


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from my experience with goldfish, that should be a fungus infection probably grown from a small wound from scratching onto something, it was like that when i got it at the pet store



for my past FW tank i use melafix to get rid of the fungus, should i do the same too?


and is melafix safe on corals?

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melafix is totally reef safe as long as you follow the directions and dont overdose. if you truly think you may have a fungal infection i would try pimafix, i cant attest to whether pimafix is reef safe or not, but i will tell you that i have never seen or heard of a true fungal infection in saltwater fish, and i probably have more experience dealing with fish than just about anyone else on this site.

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all should be zero, maybe a bit of nitrates say less than 10


i cant seem to get a clear picture, but with my experience with goldfish, goldfish usually get the white fuzzy patch of fungus/bateria on their body due to an open wound/ missing scale.... (also called a secondary infection)


the patch on my clown looks exactly like it!

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basically what i was trying to say in the earlier post is if you do indeed have afungal infection in a SW tank then the water is so skewed the fungus is the least of your problems.

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it is lymthosis, or something like that, it go away in about a month or 2. fish seem fine right?


its called the cotton disease because it looks like cotton is growing out of them.


is the cotton near mouth and/or side fin? cause thats the common place for it and wher both my fish had it.

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my clownfish had same type of symptoms. I gave it a five second freshwater dip and it was completely cured the next day. Any parasites that are in the marine aquaria should die instantly in the presence of freshwater. If u think that this might stress out your fish u can also slowly lower your salinity by dilluting over a week or two. bring it down to around 1.016 they will not bge able to live in that low of salinity but your tank inhabitants will be fine as long as u do it slowly. I recomend the 5 sec freshwater dip it is quick and easy if u can net your fish. Good luck

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