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Orbit lighting systems


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Is the 30" Orbit 2X65 watt light with 2 LED lunar lights the best alternative under 175 watt metal halides?


I know most people will say get the metal halides and screw everything else. I know the hobby is expensive and you should never skimp on anything, but im 14 and my dad is not willing to spend that kind of money on my tank for me and I cant afford it.


Anyways, the tank is a 20L. I want to keep SPS and maybe clams but maybe not. So how is this light? Also is it reliable?

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best alternative.......


thats like compairing you uber hot girl friend to your aunt bertha. they just don't compare.


is it a good light? your damn skippy it is. i have the 2X65 coralife. it kicks much ass. is it halide? no. will i be putting halide in yes, as soon as i get the time.


pc will not replace halides! but they are not bad lights at all.

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sorry i jus read you thread. if you on a budget, order the coralife from hello lights it costs about 50 bucks less right now. and save your pennies nickels and dimes to get halide for that clam. barring some of the really low light ones they almost all will fair much better unber halide. and a 70 hqi retro for the coaral life will only cost you about a hundred dollars if you shop around. get halide before clams. clams are the highest light requiering organisms i can think of.

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I wanted to get the retrofit MH, but I cant wire stuff at all. Ive decided that Im going to try retrofitting a 70 watt metal halide into it later when I know what im doing.


Also, instead of getting the orbit i went with satallite. Same thing, except casing looks crappy and there is only one LED.

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