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Bionoob 29; Time to Upgrade to a 40!

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wow great job with the tank i love it !!! wish i could see that i'm at work all the time lol 

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1 hour ago, themummra said:

Two months since the last update, time flies!

Everything has been going pretty great. I was gone for 5 days and my firefish jumped unfortunately. I think he was tired of the nem moving around so much. I finally had time to change up the rockwork and I think he is settled. I got pretty frustrated one night after he took up residency in the first chamber of the biocube. I was hoping it would split from all this but it is still going strong!

3 hermits are alive, 2 trochus and 3 cerith also alive. The nassarius baby hitchikers I got have survived and there are now 10 healthy ones I feed regularly. I love getting them all on one piece of shrimp or scallop, snail party! 

For the big news, I am going to upgrade to a 40breeder within a month, maybe two but hopefully we before that. I'm going to do a simple aquaclear 110 hob on the back for now, and then work on setting up a sump. 


Oh and I picked up a few frags of zoanthids today from a local reefer. 

A few heads each of some scrambled eggs, sunny d and gobstoppers.

Firefish are notorious jumpers.  I love scrambled eggs, I can't wait to get some!

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Not the best pics, I still need to get a filter to cancel out the blue

FTS: Mg98rQir.jpg


New Zoanthids: Scrambled Eggs, Sunny D, Gobstopper.
Refragged the SE and Sunny but I couldn't get the gobstoppers off easily

Rapidly Growing Reverse Gorilla Nipples. This all came off 1 frag when I started

I moved the GSP from the back wall onto a rock, and the BTA is in the background

I still haven't figure out what zoa these are. Red fringe, blue inside and an almost white center.


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I am grateful to be able to do so much of my work from home. I get to see so many little things in my tank. Today I saw one of the Trochus snails releasing a cloud of sperm into the water.

The Sunny D's and Gobstoppers skirt's are already getting colored in. Its amazing what some good light can do. }}

Still trying to find an ID on those red/blue/white zoas.


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Will 2x Hydor Evo 550/600 be sufficient for the powerheads in my 40b?

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A couple weeks away from having the 40b setup. Just started the dry rock cycling in a rubbermaid.


Narrowly avoided the mistake of buying a Cobalt Neotherm earlier today. I found a pretty big thread about how they have been blowing up. Still need to decide on powerheads. I am setting it up with a HOB to start but I will add a sump later on once I figure that design out.

I've been slacking on water tests, haven't done in any ~2 months. However I have been doing regular weekly 20% water changes with homemade RODI. Everything is healthy and looking good! I have also replaced my chemipure, purigen, filter floss when needed.


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