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Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2

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For those who don't know, my name is Shaun and I'm somewhat of a shallow reef addict.


Made in Africa - A Shallow Reef V2


My vision for this reef is similar to the previous in that I want to create a SPS dominant tank but focussing this time on being more selective with coral (and other livestock) choices and not being as impulsive as I was (we'll see how long that lasts, haha). 




1400mm x 700mm x 300mm



Faux internal coast to coast.


600mm x 600mm x 400mm


ATI Sunpower 8x54w



1 x Glamorca Gyre

1x Tunze 6095


Reef Octopus Diablo 160xs
Vertex RX-Z 1.5 Zeolite Reactor (Filled with Seachem Matrix)


Pacific Sun Kore 5th

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February 26,2017 Update;
The glass for the tank is busy being cut and polished - so I am hoping to collect it in the next 2 weeks. I have a box of Marco Rocks on order as well, which I hope to get this week so I can start playing around with the rockscape.


Looking forward to his adventure. :)

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no more tonga? 

im thinking of doing tonga to go more minimalistic 

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16 hours ago, Bubba30 said:

Good luck! Going to be an awesome build. Interested in this overflow and vortech setup.

Thanks! It's basically going to be made to look like a coast to coast but the overflow will be in the centre and each side will have a dry chamber for the pumps.

16 hours ago, RIP Sebastian said:


Thanks. :)

15 hours ago, jedimasterben said:

aww yiss


14 hours ago, do_0b said:

no more tonga? 

im thinking of doing tonga to go more minimalistic 

I have some lying around but I'd like to see what I can stick together with the Marco Rocks first. My first scape was with it and it's always been my favourite. It's also more fish and critter friendly IMO. :)

14 hours ago, billdeluz said:

Your back!!!!!! What happen with the other tank I lost track of your posts??

I'm still here! Haha. The other tank is still running as a holding tank for now. I had a weird crash a few months back but onwards we move.

13 hours ago, nanoreefz said:

Will definitely be following along! Loved the first tank. 

Thanks! Hopefully it doesn't disappoint.

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16 hours ago, Berlibee said:

Ah yeah! :happy: More updates !


15 hours ago, smiz said:



8 hours ago, do_0b said:

still going barebottom? 

No, I will go with some Fiji Pink again on this one. 

8 hours ago, Reefkid88 said:

Yasssssssssss :haha:


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17 hours ago, Berlibee said:

Are you gonna run Zeovit ? :happy:


15 hours ago, urbaneks said:

Looking forward to this.   Looks like you are going full Zeo?

Thanks. Looking forward to your new build as well. I am yes, I had pretty good success with it before and it's not that much maintenance once it's all set up.

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On 3/1/2017 at 9:48 AM, teenyreef said:

Woo hoo! Can't wait :)


On 3/3/2017 at 4:52 AM, Bambang said:

Welcome back..Can't wait

Thanks! Me too. omgomgomg

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March 07,2017 Update;

The builder called with an update, the glass company sent the over all the panels for the tank, unfortunately they cut the two short panels the wrong size. So he's waiting on replacement panels before it can be assembled - hopefully I'll have the tank in a couple of weeks. More time to browse for things I "need" I guess. :lol:

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March 16, 2017 Update;

A few of my orders arrived yesterday, so I now have everything I need to start the tank, other than the tank. :lol: That shouldn't be too far out though.






Pacific Sun Kore 5th Doser;

My replacement Kore 5th arrived, which I'm stoked about - I got it on sale for $300 which is pretty insane for a 5 pump doser of this quality.








Caribsea Base Rock;

I ordered Marco Rocks but a box of the Caribsea Base Rock arrived instead, it looks pretty good so I'll give it a go. I think the fish will be happy to have some holes to hide in again. :lol:


More updates coming soon, I'm looking forward to playing with some rockscaping ideas this weekend. omgomgomg

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From what I remember from the last tank, this is gonna be killer. Gear and rock looks sweet. Can't wait to see the full tank.

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Long time since I've posted but I will always remember the Made in Africa thread and I'm happy to see you posting and sharing here. I can't wait to see more! 



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