Tunze 9004 in an IM 30L

Hi all,

I have been running a Cadlights PLS-50 skimmer in the 2nd chamber of my IM 30L.  Although a bit finicky to set, it works great and can be set to run wet or dry.  My problem is that the TIA pump for it died two days ago and Cadlights claims they are out of stock and it will be at least 2 weeks before they can get any more...which would mean longer before I got one delivered.  That being said, I am thinking about getting a TUNZE 9004.  I've read a few threads here that say the 9004 will fit in one of the overflow chambers.  My question is this, does anyone have a 9004 in a 30L overflow chamber at the moment?  If so, can you post a picture of it?  Do you like it?  If the water would go directly from the overflow into the skimmer, that would be great, but I seem to recall reading that the skimmer has to be turned sideways in there so that the surface water does not go directly into the skimmer.  A pic would be worth 1000 words here.  Thanks!

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