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how mucch live rock can a nano cube handle?


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;) Well i am kind of worried i have my nano cube with 10 pounds of fiji lr (which was already 2 weeks old at the store but my dad realy wanted it cause its pretty nice) and they are 2 large chunks (not much aquascaping) how much more can my cube handle i dont think nano cubes are even 12 gallons i added like 8 gallons nothing in there except the pump and it filled uphow much more can my cube handle
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well, you can overload it if there is no room for your future inhabitants. also, lr varies on density. you can get more of the dense stuff, and less of the light stuff. if pieces are too big, carefully break them apart to achieve the desired sizes and structures.

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I have 21 pounds of live rock in my Nano Cube but the rock is dense so there is much room in my tank as it hold 9 gallons of water after the rock and sand were put in....



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matt the fiddler

you can't have too much- as long as you have swimming room for what you need.


lots o live rock= buffer for boo boos.



i ususally try to keep 2-2.5 # per gallon in my tanks

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