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Skimmer rec? 70g tank - 6 inch water level - heavy stock?

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Hi all,


I need a Skimmer. I've been running the swc160 for several years now and have never been able to get it dialed in. I have tried mesh impellers and pinwheel, high water levels and low, filter socks, no socks, lots of air, almost no air... It's just not working for me.


I run a 70g tank that as of now is heavily stocked. I need a skimmer that:

-will operate optimally in 6 inches of water

-has a small footprint

-is quiet

-produces thick skimmate


Optionally, I am interested in:

-newer skimmer technologies

-DC pumps

-a skimmer that uses a common pump for easy impeller replacements

-auto cut off to prevent overflow


Any recommendations? The skimmer market is crazy now and I'm not sure where to start.




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Well I personally love my icecap k2-120. It uses one of the best non dc powered pumps sicce psk. It is more designed for smaller footprints so if you have the space you can get one of the more high tech options out there. You should look at avast marine works they make really nice skimmers you can opt to build yourself and they also sell a few really cool accessories for skimmers you would enjoy.

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Thanks, the avast marine looks like a great option. I don't mind a little diy.

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