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identifying a hitchhiker. Is it good or bad?

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Hi guys, I've noticed something growing below one of my rocks and though I dont find it similar to anything bad I've seen in forums, can't really tell what is it and would like to know if is is good or bad?


Single "individual" with a pink base and withe polyps that end in round-yellow tips.

Its a ttached to the rock in the way anemones do but it has a central mouth or something that anemones dont have.

Also doesnt feel like anemones to the touch... It feels more like touching a mushroom.

Thanks in advance



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Look up ball and strawberry anemone

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Looks like a mojano. There are bubble tip varieties very much like that one.

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Ball anemone it is.

I'll try to keep it but as it was below one of my rocks, i tried to detached knowing how hard that is on an anemone and am now waiting to see if it reattaches to a smaller rock and then located somewhere more appropriate.

It may work of it may not. We'll see.

Thanks for your help!

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Ball nems are pests why keep it kill it remove it move on

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