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Reef Jar Project *Breaking down and moving to rimless*

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Well I think that there may be some issues from adding the corals and the ammonia dying. I've lost my hermit crab in the last couple days, my yellow watchman goby has turned white, and most of my corals aren't opening. The ammonia isn't high but I don't have a full test kit. I've done another water change and still nothing. I'm going to pick up a test kit tomorrow but what sort of meds should I pick up as well to try to bring back the health?

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Also want to say the goby is still eating. I know female watchman gobies tend to turn yellow but the other issues are what are making me concerned

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Not sure, I'd get water ready to do some water changes, match temp and salinity as usual and do a large one daily.  Dunno if there's a way to rig a HOB up to run carbon on there but if so, I'd do it.

Also, how big is the jar?  I wouldn't put a YWG in a teeny tank as they get so big.

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Got a new build! In case y'all didn't know, I really enjoy building diy tanks :D I decided to have a tank swap, so I got ahold of yet another cookie jar! I've broken down my 10g aga planted tank and split it in 3, 1 setup for me, 1 for my brother that wants to set one up, and the last to replace any of the plants my dad's lost from his pond during Harvey (their house is luckily ok)


cool plant growing out of the drift wood



So on to the new reef tank! I took the 10 gallon and derimmed it! Then I let it sit for 2 days on the porch filled to the brim, with no significant flex! I took a piece of glass from a picture frame my wife didn't need and had it cut down and sanded the edges. Then for the best part, I modeled glass lid brackets and a bracket for the lamp to slot into on sketchup and 3D printed them. Now I have a sturdy lid mount and a cool adjustable way to mount a 50/50 bulb or maybe a par38. 



Now I'm onto cleaning and cycling before dropping the live rock and livestock from the jar into it. I got a 7lb piece of dry rock that I've cleaned and a new bag of sand to add. 

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And the move is complete! Matched salinity and temperature when I mixed the water and used the 2 gallons from the jar and the sand to keep the good critters in the tank. I'm really pleased!


I haven't shown my large GSP I got so I'll throw that in here :) it leans perfectly with the bare side against the new rock. I'm also trying (again) to get the richordia to stick to a frag rock! 




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Got a neat damsel fish. It's made burrows under all my rocks! And would you believe it, the richordia still hasn't stuck down! Decided to try on a different rock. I do need a surface skimmer of some kind and was thinking about doing a diy pvc one, but the flu also universal one that hooks to HoB filters is only like $12 so I'm gonna give that a shot.



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