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The Progression and growth of my 20L


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I just thought after being a lurker of this forum for so long, I'd finally give back and make my first post to show my 20L zoos reef that I'm proud of. I've learned so much from others here. Enjoy, I can't wait till the 7th annual all-Ohio frag swap. I know most like to see pictures of the progression of the reef from start to current, but I'm unsure as to how I can post more than one picture per post? Anyone on this?

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If you have the pics hosted in your NR gallery, you can just hit post reply and use the img button and paste your url (right click on the pic and copy the properties url) in it and they will attach in sequence. They start with http://

Like this for example:




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Ok, thanks angel. well here is goes then. Warning, there is around 5 megs of pics coming, hehehe. I'm definitely addicted.:woot: showgallery.php?cat=500&ppuser=7952

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Thank you again angel, I'll get it the posting of pics tommorrow. I've got to go to work. Midnights aren't the best, but definitely not the worst either.zzz

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Keng Yew, Leong

i seldom post but....this is a must...

how do you mantain a tank with such a high bioload. U have a 55G sump down there........??? i wanna know the secret..plzzzz.......

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man..even w/ a 55 g sump, the space looks like it could get cramped for that many fish. But I do like seeing fish schooling nonetheless. Good eye candy, BizWiz.

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his secret? i think there is a misconception you cant keep alot of fish in a nano. secret>?????? WATER CHANGES!!!!! and DONT feed alot, his fish all seem to eat FLAKES only which greatly reduce bioload. fish do not need to be fat.



very nice tank! keep up good work.

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