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I have a new Kessil 160 I have some questions about; how long should I run it each day, what intensity, is color just a preference? It is on a JBJ 30g rimless. I don't currently have anything in the tank, it is cycling. I am just planning ahead for when I get everything started.


Thanks for the info!!

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While its cycling you don't really need lights,but start with 8-9 hours. And for a tak that size which I blieve is pretty deep,I'd start somewhere around 45-50% to whatever you like.

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+1 Much better to start on the low side with LED's. You can always work your way up, just let your corals acclimate to the new light.

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Yes, start low and go slow. I started with one 160 on my 22g, intensity around 35%, color is up to you, but I prefer anything under 50%. If you don't have the controller or a controller, then I would start with an 8hr cycle. Once you have corals in the tank, only increase the intensity 5% a month. I would advise getting the spectral controller if you don't have a controller.

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