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questions about cleaners and SPS's


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A couple of cleaner questions.

1) Will Blue Leg Hermits eat SPS's, One of my blue legs seems to like to perch on my monti frag

2) What snails are goos for glass work that won't tip over frags, I was thinking about bumble bee's

3) What Shrimps are good, I was thinking either a coral banded or a fire blood shrimp

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1 I don't know


2 I have never seen my bumble snail on the glass


3 Have you looked into getting a scarlet skunk cleaner shrimp?

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1) no, blue legged hermit crabs are reef safe.

2) Not sure. Try any of the regular algae eating snails like margaritas, ceriths, astrae, etc.

3) do not know

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1) blue legs are fine

2) try turbos or astreas, astreas are less likely to knock things over

3)i would suggest a skunk cleaner, or the fire shrimp, CBS can be a bit aggressive.

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1.) I've had LOTS of blue legged hermits with SPS, none have ever eaten SPS polyps. they do like to crawl over them though :|


2.)I've found that no matter how many snails i put in the tank they never keep the glass clean enough that i didn't have to manually clean it anyway.


3.) coral banded shrimps get very, very large, especially for a nano. fire blood shrimp are cool shrimp, but don't expect to see him, besides some antennae sticking out from under a ledge or cave. check into peterson's cleaner shrimp, sexy shrimp, or everybody's favorite, the skunk cleaner. the first 2 are not often found, but amazing little shrimp.



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I agree with vic,


but if i had to pick a 'hardest working snail', stomatellas! But they might lick your monti... but should be less bothersome than your hermit... stoms are always working my glass and rock, and they dont get large and heavy so that they'd knock over poorly secured frags...


bumblebee, just make sure you get the reef-safe version (multiple stripes) or you might get a softymower


skunk cleaner is sometimes sold as the 'cleaner shrimp' around toronto - and i've seen a large range in price, but I'd have to say easily the most sociable shrimp I've seen (read free manicures for the women in your life)



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