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Austin aqua farms review


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I Ordered corals from austin aqua farms a few months back that were shipped with heater packs in 70-80 degree weather and arrived completely nuked and dead. Austin aqua farms said they would make it right and failed at doing so. I would not recommend ordering through shipment.

I've tried to work with austin aqua farms and have been somewhat ignored, I under stand that these problems are not easy to handle but I still feel they could have done better. They promised a credit that I still have not received for over 3 months.


Also, here is a video of the issue.


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They are my favorite vendor and one of the greatest vendors in the hobby. Always my first choice. I really wonder what the other side of this story is. I'm a bit biased but... Multiple free corals shipped my way when things were not 100 percent. Not junk either, giant LPS heads.

How were your parameters? I would have loved a full tank shot in that video. Also...was that clam there healthy? I've had a few clams...yours looks a bit goofed up in the video.

As for the excess heat theory...If it was 80 degrees out and there was an 80 degree heat pack in the box, would that make the temp inside the box hotter than 80? If it was 95...could an 80 degree heat pack boost the temps past 95? Help me here, I'm not a thermodynamics expert.

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Tough situation for sure... What's your definition of "on arrival"? Based on your video it seems like you've had a few orders with DOA's?


Did you follow their instructions exactly for acclimation? You say you're trying to acclimate properly but did they include instructions and did you follow them? Can you post your water parameters?


Was the package delivered at the appropriate time? Did you take photos and file a claim with the company within 2 hours of delivery?

If you did those things and the corals were nuked when you opened the box then it does seem like you should get a credit back... If they looked fine when you opened the box but they're not making it in the tank then maybe there's another issue at hand? Have you added corals from any other places lately?


Finally - regarding the heater packs they're probably fine. The corals should be in an insulated box and shouldn't have direct contact with the heat packs from what I understand. Also while the ground temperatures are in the 70's and 80's the temperature in the cargo bay of an airplane is more like in the 30's.... So maybe it does make sense that they're using the heater packs?


Hope it works out.

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First time customer of Austin's with just receiving my coral this afternoon in FL. I am personally thoroughly impressed by their care in shipment, packing, insulation, etc. As of 2hrs since acclimating into my QT ALL heads are starting to open nicely. Mine is a pretty large Duncan LPS with about 15 individual heads. I would definitely reach out because I've had nothing but fast, amazing service. 


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