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Es cargo... and softshells...mmm...


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dunno if i spelt that rite heh heh... anyways i was just wondering which types of snails would be best for my nano as part of the clean up crew? the brown (diatom is it?) algae is starting to build to untolerable levels... and some greenish ones too... I want snails that take care of those but leave the coralline alone... and the snails should not be fast growers...


1.) Astrea Snail

2.) Nerius Snail

3.) Turbo Snail


Which are best? and how do i identify them if the dealers decide to just give me turbos (calling them what he will) and shortchange me of the real deal?


Also besides blue legged hermit crabs? what other hermits take care of the algae blooms and are small and slow growing?

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look here for snail pics also has simple descriptions for care. turbos are the larges on your list. generally not recommended for smaller tanks. hermits have a bad reputation. stick with the snails.

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