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Should i add a second powerhead?


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It is a 20H. I have a 402 on the left side of the rear glass pointing diagnally across the tank. Should i add another one to the right side of the rear glass?

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i've got a 20L with one 402 power head same as you on left on the diagnally and it works great. you can put things in the high flow area and others that don't like high flow in other parts of the tank.

I'm looking at building a closed loop system with a scwd on it.

there is a great pic. and discription in the "get rid of those unsightly power heads" in this same chat .

or hppt://www.melevsreef.com/closedloop.html

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if you have stagnent areas in your tank, id say yes. always highly dependent with what you have in tank and what you want to keep.

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