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let the games begin!


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after 5 months of work and setting up my 14-gallon nano tank and waiting for it to stabilize, i am now ready to stock!


question #1: does it matter whether i put coral or fish in first?


question #2: any suggestions? what's your favorite fish in your nano!

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1)I don't know about the coral or the fish in first but i would put the fisin first and let the parameters stabilize and then add the corals.

2) my favourite fish is the six-line wrasse

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I think putting the fish first is a good general guide to water conditions as they generally emit more ammonia than the corals... so put em in first and perhaps wait a week and check the water again before adding corals...


Favourite Fish: Common Clowns or False Percs... also Royal Dottyback...

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add all live rock - cycle (largest cycle)

add all or most inverts - cycle (less significant cycle)

add all or most corals - cycle (tank is now maturing and will have a small cycle)


wait *some* time then:


add fish


fish create huge bio-loads to the tank. stocking in this order, waiting for the system to stabilize and mature will help balance the system. the key is doing things *slowly*.

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yes, that's a very good article. i should have added a time line to my response. doing things *slowly* with each addition will go a long way towards a healthy tank. from cycle to addition of fish should be no less than 6 mos.

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