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Loc-Line spray bar on IM Lagoon

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i was looking for a little more "exact" flow, so this is what i came up with..




in the left of the pic, there is the spray nozzle that comes on the IM Lagoon. simply break it apart and snap it to the 1/2 line. (like side already attached)

initially i ordered 3/4 inch Ball/ FTP threaded to go thru the bulkhead wall... doesn't work

i'll need to reorder the half inch with half in "T" to do what I initially wanted to..




if you would like to do this design, just order the 1/2 inch bar and the ball coupler (middle of the bar) to join the 2 together


I found the best price and selection at modularhose


I will order 2ea 1/2" "T"s to run the bar across the back

i'm also going to feed a line to my HOB fuge and get rid of that whole pump setup (I need low flow for copepods)(the tank supports a Blue Stripe Pipe

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Do you notice a large drop in flow? I have the spin streams on my tank and they really choke off the flow...may consider this as an alternative

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I put one on each side in my SCA 50 cube. If you notice flow drop, open the holes up slightly with a drill bit, just don't get carried away with over sizing the holes. I use a bit to clean the holes because all sorts of crap grows in them.

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