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Guess wat 24 gallon nano cube coming


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B) Hey there and guess what as i do invigarating (spelling) looking to see whether to get a new nano cube deluxe(48watts 2 cooling fans and modifications) or a normal nan cube i find out (i cant wait this long though but its around my b day) a new jbj 24 gallon 72 watt and a bunch of other stuff is coming in late september (oh yah by the way same essatial design as THE CUBE)


How did i find this out talking to about 6 lfs (not al local) and calling the usa distributer of jbj wow cant wait for b day

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I think a 24 gallon will be fun. Thats gonna a be a chubby little cube.


I read the specs on the deluxe, and I gotta hand it to JBJ -they really listened to the consumer.


I'm still glad I ripped of my stock hood with a hammer.

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Originally posted by booboo

any one have anything to say


Yeah, can I buy a period or two to put in that incredible long runon sentence? :P j/k

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I've seen one of these new nano cubes. it's ok


Doesn't look like it really is 24 gallons though...


It just looks like a bigger version of the 12 gallon nanocube, same prop up hood design with rear compartments, and pc lighting. Only this one has 2 built in cooling fans.


Oh yea, I wouldn't get too excited about this thing...

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he probably just saw the updated version. That one is 12 gallons with 24 watts (same as before) but instead it has two fans zzz


I heard at work from the JBJ rep that its gonna be about 2 weeks for the Deluxe, however he did mention that it could be delayed for the trade show later.

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nah I saw it at Tong's Fish World.


It just came in and they already set everything up. It's pretty big, but doesn't look like its 24 gallons. It's definately way bigger than the 12 gal nanocube I have.

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I had a nano-cube, not impressed. Now have 16 gallon bow front

with Current-USA 2x40w PC. All this time and money spent sawing, hacking and modifying. Why not just buy the right equipment in the first place? I don't get it? Someone enlighten me on why you would buy something just to hack it up.

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